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Written & Directed by Camille Dawson in association with Emergency Exit Arts, Trinity Laban & Royal Greenwich Festivals. 

Part audio-theatre journey, part immersive art experience, part interactive trail; Ideal Palace will inspire innovation, quench wanderlust, invite playfulness and allow you to be transported around the world using your imagination.

Ideal Palace explored the real-life story of Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman at the turn of the century who was so dazzled by the beauty of the world he saw on the postcards he delivered, that he spent 33 years building a magnificent palace out of these images he saw, using found objects and rocks. This is how Ferdinand was able to travel the world, right where he lived, and named it his Palais de Ideal.

Responding to lockdown and the emergence of so man new naïve artists, coupled with our inability to travel, I felt Ferdinand's story was so resonant and relevant. He was the ultimate self taught artist and demonstrated to us through his work that however physcially stuck we might be, we can always be transported by our imaginations.


The event invites participants to become postmen and postwomen themselves. But this is not ordinary
postal job! Ideal Palace will transport visitors on an extraordinary journey around the world. The experience will include a jungle exploding with tropical vibrance and hidden beasts; a desert where the weary travellers will be welcomed to find refuge around the campfire and join in contemplation and music making; and the deep blue sea and its magnificent underwater kingdom, greeting the obscure and
marvellous luminous creatures.

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