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The War Inside

Written & directed by Camille Dawson, this four part immersive art project exploring hidden illness and seeks to make the invisible, visible. 

Step inside the body and find yourself transported into a psychedelic wonderland of inflatable organs, whimsical floating cells, mesmerising soundscapes, larger-than-life puppets and interactive original film. But don’t be fooled. Entrancing as this body may be, it is facing a major threat.

Inspired by Camille Dawson‘s experiences of struggling with autoimmune disease, The War Inside tells the story of Marnie. Everything is happy, healthy and her body is functioning as normal. But before long, her body will be at war with itself. Undergoing the greatest struggle of her life, both Marnie and her organs will have to fight against the spiking disease and move forward with new perspectives on life, mortality, and identity.


Combining dance, film, audio, puppetry, performance art, installation-art, storytelling and more, The War Inside seeks to shine a light on hidden illness and create a playful and cathartic space to make the invisible, visible.

Immersive show

Audio drama

This wild ride through the anatomy, brought to life by Camille Dawson’s writing and Paul Freeman’s sound design, will uncover a rip-roaring story of bowel disease diagnosis. 

First shared at Vault Festival 2023, this audio experience was dubbed "a roaring success" (The Lancet) and "wholly gripping, funny and imaginatively produced" (Reviews Hub) and was nominated for a Vault Festival award.


The audio drama will be visiting Arts Depot

in the autumn.

Immersive installation

Discover whimsical floating cells, psychedelic inflatable organs and larger-than-life intestines. This unique inside-body installation, created by Cristina Ottonello, playfully interprets the wonder of our anatomy and prompts us to consider what’s underneath the surface.

The immersive set design for the live show can also tour as a standalone piece, either as a whole anatomical immersive experience or split into sections.


The Tapestry of Imperfections

Created by Camille Dawson and Cristina Ottonello in collaboration with the public, this community artwork seeks to find the common thread across our lived experience. The tapestry is a celebration of the personal growth and strength we develop by going through the imperfect moments of life. Kickstarted by members of the invisible illness community, this will expand as the exhibitions tours, capturing experiences as it does. 

Cast and creative team:

Writer, Director: Camille Dawson
Producer: Heather Ralph
Sound Designer: Paul Freeman
Set Designer: Cristina Ottonello
Videographer: Molly Pendlebury
Dramaturg: Joana Nastari
Movement Director: Chloe Young
Costume Designer: Sam Noble
Stage actors: Camille Dawson & Sophie Taylor
Film actors: Georgia Polly-Taylor, Kalifa Taylor, Sarah Wanendeya, Augustine Shaw, Nell Hardy & Valentine Hanson
Voice Actors: Camille Dawson, Sophie Winter & Nathan Queeley-Dennis

With support from:

Arts Council England, Cockayne Arts Foundation Grants for the Arts, The Albany Theatre, European Research Brain Institute, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Emergency Exit Arts, The Waldron Health Centre, Harris Academy East Dulwich and ID Audio.

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