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★★★★★Voice Mag 

Girl World is the tangible showcase of a pubescent dreamland, a hysterical microcosm varnished in coming of age sexuality and neuroticism. One part delicate naivety, one part politically crude, this extravaganza of anarchic sisterhood substantiates itself as an ambitiously raw expression of blossoming femininity.


Our actresses propel us into their universe, imbuing the atmosphere with their skilful capacity to marriage hilarity and emotion. Ramsey and Dawson make a sublime duo; embellished in their pastel dungarees, they flawlessly portray their personas with a stimulating uniqueness, making them an exceptional pair - even amidst the sea of aptitude that is The Fringe. Flailing limbs, erratic accents, intricate dialogue and manic chemistry, the couple have proved themselves to be the essence of the production; multifaceted threats with the prowess to seduce any audience.

Girl World, in all its rebellious audacity, rears its vulgar fist. Congested with filthy nuances, obscenities, musical numbers on genitals and candid friendships, this exhibition of girlish adolescence parades an unapologetic reality that the mainstream mouth is too gutless to articulate. Girls are dimensionally gross, sexually-infatuated and audacious; in equal measures, anxious and benevolent.

A frantic piece of theatrical art with feminist overtones, Girl World functions as a resonating retrospective which most women will no doubt discern their former selves within.

★★★★★North West End 

Almost like stepping into a lucid dream, this production was the very definition of eccentric. Dawson’s ingenious writing celebrates stereotypical girliness yet has a brutally honest approach to the crude and complex world of femininity. Her performance as Tilly was touching and tickling, her connection to the character is clearly of depth and she is a wonderous comedienne. Ramsey is utterly brilliant as a very energetic, kooky and bizarre tween. She embodies Inga to a hilarious point of physicality and has no barrier to completely letting loose on stage.

This feminist production was not a tired feminist bashing but simply a celebration of female friendship with innuendos, silliness and a journey to womanhood that told its story in a comically clever way.

★★★★★ Fringe Biscuit

It's rare to find a perfect mix of pure talent, phenomenal storytelling and unbridled creativity. Frisky Arts have created one of the most exhilarating performances you'll see at Edinburgh Fringe. A hilarious, moving, unique exploration of female pre-pubescence. Unmissable. 

★★★★ Broadway Baby

"The genius of this writing cannot be overlooked [...] Not only is Girl World cleverly written, it's also cleverly staged. A loud set of sensational colour hooks the attention; and original songs add even more variety to the performance. Live musicians from the rock band BOSS are an integral part of the production and I really enjoyed their reactions to the weird scenes unfolding before them.

An exciting and multi-faceted performance that asks difficult questions about growing up."

★★★★★ A Younger Theatre 

What is particularly striking is the way that Girl World manages to capture the turbulent relationship of the youngsters so effectively. The finished article is an endearing and universally relatable event, like a photograph of the exact moment where one chooses maturity over make-believe. Frisky have created an imaginative production and have stayed true to the extra-terrestrial feminism that is so unique to them as artists. “Girl World all the way!”

We are Uncollective

"Frisky have taken the sharp wit and genre-bending style of Tina Satter and unashamedly mashed it with the very British sense of anarchy and surrealist vision of the Mighty Boosh and Smack The Pony- with a little Pussy Riot and Grayson Perry aesthetics (courtesy of Ranya El-Refaey) thrown in for good measure."

The Authentic Project 

Girl World is a wonderfully relatable, refreshingly honest coming of age story of the sort that we are desperately lacking in mainstream theatre [...] Girl World is comedy gold, whilst also remaining heartfelt and human and is an absolute joy to watch. 

The Tung Magazine

It’s a wild ride (we’re talking giving birth to octopus babies before stabbing them in the head, worshipping a deity named Fatnaboona who wants her followers to party, and eating the brains of monkeys), but Dawson and Ramsey keep us on course. They both capture the multitudes of girlhood: innocent and subversive all at the same time, sweetly ignorant of the outside world, yet instinctively sharpening their dick chopper-offers (yep, ya heard me).


Girl World should be commended to the highest for its explosive energy. It’s bold, it’s imaginative, and it clearly resonated hugely with its audience. 

Bechdel Theatre 

Dripping with inventive imagery & filled with boundless energy, revealing a brutally harsh side of girlhood that is often forgotten or glossed over.

The Reviews Hub

Fearless and experimental.

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